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The Princeton Historical Society was organized in 1937, and over the years has become a repository for historical artifacts and for a diverse collection of photographs, town records, stories and ephemera. Residents past and present donate items to us.  Non-residents offer us treasures, too.  PHS strives to keep things safe and organized, to answer questions, and to insure that future Princetonians will know about our past.


Our Recurring Expenses

In the past our largest expense has been rent ($2500 annually) and now is a monthly storage fee as well as saving for a future location for museum collection. We also pay for our cataloging software and need to purchase additional archival supplies each year.  We use computers, scanners and printers in our work, and keeping them current is an expense.  Although most of our event programs are low cost, we do sometimes pay an honorarium to a presenter.  We have no paid staff; all the work is done by volunteers.


Our Short and Long-Term Projects and Needs Are:

  • A new printer/scanner.
  • Continue our preservation efforts.
  • Safe, climate controlled storage for documents.
  • Professional consultation help.
  • Typing help to digitize historical documents and audio recordings.
  • A single permanent location with more space to house everything we own.
  • Continue to provide public access through our website to additional historical information as it is preserved.

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