PHS Museum Room Closed

The PHS has been busy this summer dealing with the closing of the Princeton Community Center.

  • With the help of many volunteers, we have moved some furniture and display cases to a barn belonging to a member.
  • We have gone through the objects in our Museum Room one by one.

Those items that are directly connected to Princeton, by use or provenance, we are keeping. Those that are merely old, and do not tell a “Princeton story”, we have voted to de-accession.

  • We will take a few higher value things to auction, but most things will be offered for sale during the town wide yard sale September 30, 8 to 2. We are holding this sale at the residence of board member Nathaniel Gove at 15 Gregory Hill Road.
  • The final step will be to move the remaining objects to a secure storage area.

We still have the Woodward Room in the library where we will continue to keep our many documents, photographs, and maps. Many valuable records of the town are also in our possession there.

Looking ahead, we need to find a long-term home for our collection of objects, paintings, and furniture. The historical society once had its collection in the upstairs of the library, and then for a while in the Crocker house at Wachusett Meadow. It has been in the Princeton Center room for over 20 years. We have looked at some longer-term homes, but have not yet found a suitable one.

Although the historical society receives no funding from the town, it serves an important role, preserving records and memorabilia of the town and serving as an educational and research resource.

Our annual meeting of the society will be held Saturday, November 18, at 9:30 AM, location to be announced.

We will let you know of further progress. Thank you for your support of the historical society.