Men’s Doubles Results

1948 Marcy Sperry Jack Whitner 1949 Alfred Whitney Bob Whitney
1950 Phil Guiles Alfred Whitney 1951 Alfred Whitney Howard Whitney
1952 Alfred Whitney Bob Whitney 1953 Alfred Whitney Bill Densmore
1954 Dick Goodnow Blair Whitham 1955 Mike Kraft Dennis Moore
1956 Jay Goodnow Bob Whitney 1957 Joe O’Connor Blair Whitham
1958 Alfred Whitney George McElroy Jr. 1959 Jim Perry Bob Whitney
1960 Alfred Whitney Joe O’Connor 1961 Tom Bushman Howard Whitney
1962 Ivory Littlefield Jr. Philip Howe 1963 Dennis Moore David Milton
1964 Dennis Moore Albert Kreik 1965 Marchall Greene Richard Abbott
1966 Everett Webster John Shaughnessy 1967 Thomas Allen Jr. George Parker II
1968 Chris Bice David Nichols 1969 Jim Perry D. J. Hart
1970 Robert Whitney Alan Howe 1971 Jud Goodnow III David Hall
1972 Jud Goodnow III Fred Trafton 1973 Richard Abbott Phil Carter
1974 Herb Maynard Nick Littlefield 1975 Stephen Tiarks Thomas Waters
1976 William Morgan Geoffrey Parker 1977 Dennis Pomerleau Jim Perry
1978 Terry Hart Herb Maynard 1979 Carl Johnson David Milton
1980 Jud Goodnow III David Smith 1981 Rusty Sampson David Milton Sr.
1982 Carl Johnson Frank Shaughnessy 1983 Rusty Sampson Terry Hart
1984 David Nichols Stephen Tiarks 1985 Rusty Sampson Wallace Whitney
1986 Terry Hart David Milton Jr. 1987 Wallace Whitney Frank Lowenstein
1988 Terry Hart James Perry 1989 Larry Sigler Bill Davis
1990 Rusty Sampson Rich Bisk 1991 Jack Novia Bud Brooks

“Tennis may well be called a royal game, have been popular with various Kings of England and France. In the ball games of the Greeks and Romans, we see the rudiments of the French Je de paume, which is in all probability the ancestor of modern tennis in a direct line.”

1992 Rusty Sampson Carl Johnson 1993 Terry Hart Rich Bisk
1994 Steve Recupero Bob Paradice 1995 Steve Recupero John Stimpson
1996 John Stimpson Larry Sigler 1997 Rich Bisk Dan Spedding
1998 Steve Recupero Bart Rubin 1999 Rusty Sampson Bud Brooks
2000 Tim Goodnow Steve Recupero 2001 Terry Hart Eric Booth
2002 Rusty Sampson Billy Shaughnessy 2003 Peter Crowley Steve Recupero
2004 Rich Bisk Wayne Lilley 2005 David Cronin Brian Hobbs
2006 Paul Durand Dan Spedding 2007 David Cronin Frank Shaughnessy
2008 John Getchell Rusty Sampson 2009 Alex Samoiloff Larry Sigler
2010 David Lowenthal Nick Wiles 2011 Kelton Burbank John Carlson
2012 David Cronin Tom Lawton 2013 Jeff Eska  Jason Tomforde


2014 Tom Lawton  Roberto Mahoney 2015
2016 2017
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