Mixed Doubles Results

1933 Barbara Allen Deedee Richardson 1934 Linnie Densmore Bartlett Beaman
1935 Jean McCormack Richard Gregory Jr. 1936 Mary Richardson Bradley Wood
1937 Peggy Scott Richard Gregory Jr. 1938 May Sparrow Allen Estabrook
1939 Mary Richardson Deedee Richardson 1940 Mary Richardson Chris Littlefield
1941 Betty Allen Howard Whitney 1942 Teresa Peabody Chris Littlefield
43-5 No Tournment World War II 1946 Aggie Littlefield Chris Littlefield
1947 Mollie Guiles John Littlefield 1948 Babbie Chute Joe Byram
1949 Vera McElroy George McElroy 1950 Molie Guiles Van Eghen
1951 Lila Kaner Chris Littlefield 1952 Sylvia McInery Bill Densmore
1953 Gen Abbott Alfred Whitney 1954 Anne Moore Alfred Whitney
1955 Nancy Littlefield Mike Kraft 1956 Adore Bice Alfred Whitney

Your are in the second set and are ahead. Your opponent is serving and says to his partner,
“I hope they are ready, because I’m going to use my 3rd set serve now.”

1957 Flora Bullock Jim Perry 1958 Babbie Chute Jim Perry
1959 Janet Whitney Nicky Littlefield 1960 Janet Whitney Chris Littlefield
1961 Margie Bullock Douglas Forsberg 1962 Adore Bice John Robertson
1963 Betsy Anderson Vince Wilson 1964 Julie Greene Kenneth Poole
1965 Marilyn Hague Christopher Bice 1966 Joyce Szerejko Bancroft Littlefield jr
1967 Lynn McNair Kenneth Poole 1968 Julie Greene Marshall Greene
1969 Julie Greene Christopher Bice 1970 Margaret Trafton John Shaughnessy
1971 Donna Howard Judson Goodnow 1972 Sydney Camp Judson Goodnow
1973 Margaret Trafton George Parker Ii 1974 Rosalind Waters Tim Goodnow
1975 Laurel Nelson Robert Whitney 1976 Louise Hotaling Geoffrey Parker
1977 Heidi Goodnow Jim Perry 1978 Betsy Johnson Terry Hart


1979 Judith Bice D. J. Hart 1980 Pauline Smith Wallace Whitney Jr.
1981 Patricia Burdick Stephen Tiarks 1982 Patricia Zelley Dave Tiberio
1983 Sharon Recupero Charlie Bresler 1984 Pauline Smith Robert Paradise
1985 Darlene Paradise Rusty Sampson 1986 Steffani Catanese Robert Paradise
1987 Pauline Smith Chuck Rubin 1988 Amy Trafton Rusty Sampson
1989 Pauline Smith Steve Recupero 1990 Amy Trafton Bart Rubin
1991 Geri Novia Stephen Tiarks 1992 Lisa Rauh Chuck Rubin
1993 Pauline Smith Chad Tomforde 1994 Laurel Nelson Jason Tomforde
1995 Amy Fitzgerald Jack Novia 1996 Darlene Paradise Andy Graham
1997 Jane Weisman Terry Hart 1998 Sue Sigler Rusty Sampson
1999 Amy Fitzgerald Jack Novia 2000 Lorene Washburn Larry Sigler

“Tennis Tennis. As the Encyclopedia Britannica states: It is a sporting sociable game started by Kings a thousand years ago. It is still played by Kings, Princesses and by Princetonians,
and there are no finer Princes and Princesses than we Princetonians.”

2001 Pauline Smith David Cronin 2002 Sarah Trafton Barao Terry Hart
2003 Andy Samoiloff Lorene Washburn 2004 L. Francheck Rusty Sampson
2005 Sandra Lowenthal Rusty Sampson 2006 Kelton Burbank Pauline Smith
2007 Sarah Barao Kelton Burbank 2008 Ann Desmarais David Cronin
2009 Kathy Getchell Bud Brooks 2010 Tammy Sheehy Jason Tomforde
2011 Jessica Tomforde Rusty Sampson 2012 Chuck Rubin Linda Morgan-Yatzor
2013 Tammy Sheehy Chris Sharon 2014 Olivia Durocher Terry Hart
2015 2016