Women’s Doubles Results

1971 Heidi Goodnow Judith Riberio 1972 Joanne Bennett Priscilla Foresteire
1973 Lynn McNair Margaret Trafton 1974 Heidi Goodnow Betsy Hall
1975 Anne Moore Pauline Smith 1976 Tracy Loysen Edith Morgan
1977 Priscilla Genest Pauline Smith 1978 Carol Loysen Pauline Smith
1979 Elizabeth Bullock Patricia Zelley 1980 Pauline Smith Joyce Szerejko
1981 Joanne K. Howard Pauline Smith 1982 Louise Hotaling Reni Rand
1983 Louise Hotaling Darlene Paradise 1984 Louise Hotaling Sharon Recupero
1985 Priscilla Foresteire Darlene Paradise 1986 Sharon Recupero Pauline Smith
1987 Reni Rand Amy Trafton 1988 Darlene Paradise Lisa Rauh
1989 Steffanie Catanese Pauline Smith 1990 Beth Bullock Pauline Smith
1991 Lee Digney Darlene Paradise 1992 Lorene Washburn Pauline Smith

You are swapping sides during a match, someone asks the score,
and you say, “two serving one”, your opponent says dryly, “Well, it
won’t be after this game.”

1993 Amy Fitzgerald Sue Coe-Sigler 1994 Pauline Smith Amy Murphy
1995 Darlene Paradise Trish Graham 1996 Lee Digney Trish Graham
1997 Amy Fitzgerald Dale Stafford 1998 Amy Murphy Trish Graham
1999 Lee Digney Tammy Sheehy 2000 Lorene Washburn Caroline Brooks
2001 Lorene Washburn Kelly Sampson 2002 Darlene Paradise Trish Graham
2003 Lee Digney Darlene Paradise 2004 Helga Lilley Lorene Washburn
2005 Sue Pentland Lorene Washburn 2006 Tia Lotuff Tammy Sheehy
2007 Sara Barao Geri Novia 2008 Lee Digney Geri Novia
2009 Helga Lilley Tammy Sheehy 2010 Geri Novia Pauline Smith
2011 Caroline Brooks Laurel Nelson-Cucchiata 2012 Lee Digney Julia Witt
2013  Lee Digney  Jane Weisman 2014  Lee Digney  Dale Stafford
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